Clean 9 testimonial

"I started C9 on the 28th of November for nine days. I wanted to detox my body and lose weight. I found day 1 and 2 hard as I missed my dinner however I got through it and as the days went on it got easier. I really started to get more energy and clearance in my head.

When I finished at the end of day 9 I felt a bit shaky and anxious, however when it was all over I weighed myself and lost 5lbs and 3 inches and I dropped half a dress size.

I now feel that I have an abundance of energy and clearance in my head and that I feel and look good. People are committing on how my skin looks like it is glowing. Usually this time of year I would be quiet low, however I feel good energy which is significant.

I will continue on with Forever aloe gel, green tea, water and I will continue with walking. I have reduced my portion size and tea & coffee are gone from my diet. I would highly recommend the C9 cleanse." — Anonymous