Careers Counselling

careerFIT supports adults toward a more fulfilling future career through one to one sessions or topic specific workshops. Career choice impacts on our physical, mental and financial wellbeing therefore making the right choice will have a positive impact on quality of life.

careerFIT offers a range of services specifically designed to guide you toward making that choice and securing a career that is rewarding and fulfilling.

Services are designed to support adults at any stage of their working life specialising in supporting individuals:

  • Starting Career
  • After Career Break
  • Changing Career

Working on a one-size-fits-all basis does not work; therefore careerFIT focuses on the unique skills and attributes of each individual.

careerFIT is designed to take you through a process of exploration, evaluation and planning that will put you on the right track toward your future goals.

For more information check out: or Phone: 0863701791